Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching up on the holidays.

I should update this more and you know, I just may. It is very therapeutic.

Last week I quit my job at the hotel I had just started back in April. It was a long time coming. I can't regret my decision because it definitely was and is a better hotel, company and location. Benefits and everything. Only a few hitches that became bigger ones and it was time to go. Mainly for my health: mental, physical, and emotional well being. I'll miss it, sure, but there were more cons than pros and it was time.

I've applied to other establishments and have had several interviews. Most of the jobs start in January, which is good because it means I can focus on my family and friends that I've neglected. Speaking of, my stepfather went into surgery just several minutes ago. They found cancerous cysts in his bladder and doing surgery to remove them and see if the cancer has spread or not. Hopefully it hasn't and this will be a one time thing, because I can't imagine my life let alone my mother's life without him or him being cooped up in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries and radiation. It's a scary thing.

I'm lucky enough to have my boyfriend and half sister supporting me. Maylee understands all too well and a little bit more about this aspect considering her husband Ian just went into remission himself not too long ago. That's her husband, this is my father. Different, but both important - I'm just glad to have the support in any way I can. She's gone through this, and in more detail. She's inspiring and strong. I admire her.

Similarly, as for surgeries, my Aunt's husband is having extensive heart surgery this morning as well. So the entire Taylor/Beauregard/Ahlf clan will be praying hard today.

I'm blessed beyond words and am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. Especially family. Everyone knows that my stepfather's family is my core family. They helped raise me and instilled such wonderful teachings of how family is supposed to be - no matter how broken it may be. I think it's because they had a wonderful sister, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother in Nan - my stepdad's mum.

I'm rambling on again. Still, it's something. Right?