Saturday, August 18, 2012

it's been awhileeeee againnnnn

It's been awhile since I last updated!

I am now working for a new hotel. It is a a lot closer to home now and more money, yay for me~!

I started dating a wonderful man at the beginning of March, his name is Alex. :) He and I are doing great, so great we just moved into our place this week. Yes, I know, crazy.

"Only dating for five months and moving in...? Didn't you try to move in with your ex before? How well did that turn out?" Believe me, I know. It took a lot of talking and debating. The main reason for moving in is that it would help finances since he'll be traveling an hour and a half to school each day for the next two semesters.

"Why doesn't he get a place closer to school?" Well, they are either outrageously expensive, or completely run down. So he opted to stay in Columbia for that AND because he wanted to be able to see me more. Makes sense, right?

I am definitely homesick, even though I'm only 2 miles down the road. I miss my room, my house, my yard, -- everything about my parent's house - but mainly my mom. My dog Bella isn't adjusting to it well either, though she's doing better than I am. (I say that because I have cried each night missing home.) Hopefully this is just a temporary feeling, because I do love Alex and want to live with him, it's just different. We all know I'm overly attached to my mom, and if you didn't know that, well now you do. My mom has been everything to me. Plus that house has so many great memories. I love everything about it. To say I didn't want to move would be an understatement. I didn't want to leave my parents, or the house, yard - but I wanted to share a life with the man I love and in order to do that was to move in with him and help out.

I tend to help out a lot. I'm still helping out with bills at my parents house, my own personal ones along with some of my mother's, and now the new place with Alex. I'm stretching myself too thin, I think. I am very stressed about it. Not to mention my health...

Speaking of.. Health.. I've had a recurring kidney infection now going on for 4 weeks. Been on 4 antibiotics, have had numerous tests and shots and no results. I'm still in pain and having issues. It's completely and utterly aggravating. Another hope is that they'll have this all figured out and fix it soon. If not I may just say "screw it" and just go on.

Oh wells.