Friday, February 10, 2012

today is my mum's birthday!

Yes, today is my mother's birthday. Without her, I would not be alive, so I'm glad to celebrate this day with her. She is simply amazing. We've had our ups and downs, but we're best friends. I'm not ashamed or afraid to say that either. A lot of people wish they could be close with their parents. I am a lucky duck to be able to be so close with my momma!

Hopefully she'll have a good day today. I'm stuck at work till about 3pm, then I'm gonna head home to nap. Didn't get much sleep last night, too much on the mind and then waking up every half hour it seemed. This whole lacking of sleep is getting frustrating. It seems I'm now taking naps wherever I can since I can't seem to stay asleep for very long.

Oh crap, I forgot to inform you guys. I did end up having corrective eye surgery last month. I know, pretty quick, huh? Yeah, went in to get the consult on the 9th of January. Decided to get the epi-LASIK, which is similar to the PRK as far as healing time and what not. Got it done on the 19th, and have been glasses free.

It's been a roller coaster, to say the least. I was incredibly nervous going in there. In fact, the had to give me Valium to calm down. I went in there, with my Hello Kitty snuggie, was given a teddy bear and told to lay down. My nerves started to pick up, especially when I felt like was not laying down straight, but that my upper torso was leaning at an angle. They assured me, that it was just how the seat was made, but I was flat and not falling.

Soon after, the doctor came in with a medical student who was observing. They reassured me that he would not be doing anything, just overlooking the process and what not. Next came drops, drops that numbed my eyes. They started with the right eye first, taping my eyelashes back before using this speculum to hold open my eye lids better. This was slightly uncomfortable, but only because I felt pressure but that was it.

Next came some blurriness and weird feeling. He used a micro-polisher, which looked like one of those electric toothbrushes that goes in a circle. Well, he used that for the top layer of my eye, then the laser was put on for about 30 seconds. After that, some drops and ointment were put on the eye, and then a contact lens. After this, there was this freezing cold water they shot in my eye. It was surprising and I didn't like it at all. My eye couldn't really feel it, but the socket did. It was like a brain freeze for my eye!

After the right eye was done, they moved on to my left. The same thing was done, except they had to give me extra numbing drops because as they were putting the speculum in to hold open my eyelids, it HURT. Other than that minor thing, it went well. I was done in 15 minutes.

After the procedure, I just had to get my sunglasses on, get further instruction on what to do and what to use. My wonderful friends took me to the pharmacy to get the medicine and then I went home and slept. Over the next few days my eyes got worse as far as vision went. The pain was irritating, but not enough to take medicine. The only reason I did take anything was just so I could sleep through the whole ordeal, because I couldn't watch anything and I just wanted to get it over with.

Four days after the surgery, I went back to have the contacts remove. My vision didn't get better or worse, in fact for the next two days I felt like I still had those contacts in. I had to take a few extra days off work, due to the blurriness and light sensitivity. But returned to work a week after. I wish I had taken another week, because my eyes kept going back and forth so often. They still do, but not so bad.

Over all, so far it's bee a pretty successful thing. I get to go back in two more weeks to check and see how well I can see without glasses. It'll be fun to know where I'm at and how fast I'm healing. They said it would take a few more weeks to months till I'm able to see at the predicted optimal level. Soooo, it's a wait game. Frustrating, but understandably so.