Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year once more.

It's been a bit since I've been on here to blog. I have wanted to at several times, but never sure if I really wanted to type up all of my feelings.

Needless to say, lots of things are going on in my life these days, yet nothing at all. Tricky, eh? Yeah. I've basically been working a lot, planning a few trips, and trying to better myself. All in all it hasn't really been successful, but that may be just my state of mind right now.

Holidays were as usual. Nothing big, same ole' same ole'. My sister Heather got engaged to her boyfriend Gordi. Woot! Kinda unexpected because I would have never thought she'd get married, just shows how much I don't know about my sister. Maylee seems to be in better spirits, especially since the Cancer is gone from her hubby and she's reconnecting with her mom again.

My mom just had surgery on her hand and wrist since her arthritis has taken a toll on her bones, they had to clean up everything and what not. Let's just say, she's in a lot of pain and not even Demerol is helping her with it. ><

Working is the same thing, different day. I can't complain too much.. Well, I can but I just won't. >> The only thing I will say is I hope that everyone at work starts to feel better because they're all sick. Thank the unknown for me not getting sick so far, -knock on wood-.

I've kinda been spacey from my friends and just a bum. Not really going out or doing anything. I didn't even party for New Year's. I stayed home and slept. The original plan was to visit family in NC, but of course something happened and plans changed.It got me down and I just said, "To Hell with it all, I'm gonna sleep." So I did. Oh wells.

The only thing new or exciting for me right now is that I'll be going into seeing a surgeon tomorrow and get a consultation from him about LASIK. Yes, ladies and gents, I'm hoping I can get rid of these spectacles. Granted, they are quite a good look for me, I'm just tired of the hassle. It's a lot of upkeep and I have had them since I was seven years old. I want change, aside from my hair.

I've been having more talks with myself and God lately. Just mindless ramblings really, but sometimes I have a serious conversation and feel lost for a few minutes until something washes over me. I think it's my faith and God's love reassuring me that everything will be alright. It's a constant struggle to keep your faith in someone or something. No matter what. But I have it still. Just like I have it with a person who I probably shouldn't have it in. Well, according to some people, that is their POV.

I miss him. You ask who or which one, Chris. Cali-Chris. I heard from him finally after two months, he's been busy a lot and his Dad and him are traveling around the US and England to scatter his mum's ashes. It's what she wanted, and I know it's hard on them. I'll be going out to Cali I think in late March with my friend Roxy to hang out and cheer on her sister at a dance competition. Maybe I'll be able to meet up with him and have lunch. Then two weeks after that I have a wedding in LA to attend, my friend Mary is getting married! So many things to do, so little time and finances.

Hopefully I'll figure it all out and see what I can and can't do soon.