Friday, September 9, 2011

not knowing who to trust anymore.

I thought I just went through this.

Who to trust, who not to trust. Guess not. For it will always be a guessing game and it could always change.

I'm done though. I'm done being nice and taken advantage of. I'm done being walked over and called countless names just because I give people chances.

I'm done trying to be there for people. I'm done, done, done.

I did everything by the book. It was all laid out. Don't accuse me of something when it's not wrong. Especially in the past, on the same ground, it was done. Now, just because you're pissed you think you can put the blame on me? FUCK YOU.

You think your indiscretions won't come to light? Oh they will. In due time, and not from my mouth. I'll keep my word, it's the only thing I've got, and at least mine is not tainted by lies.

Others may not come to my defense, and that's fine. They've gotta look out for themselves this day in age, but you better fucking believe I'm not going down without a fight. No one falsely accuses me of anything and walks out unscathed. You'll get yours, one way or another. Karma has already decided.

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