Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Okay. BIG UPDATE. Right? Right.

First things first: My sister's husband got good news yesterday, REMISSION. I'm so freaking flippin' happy. They really needed this. :D It makes me feel more at ease now, and hopefully the stress will die down and my sister can get some rest.

Second: Vegas was pretty awesome. Aside from the fact that the group I was with left me alone on the strip at 4 am FAR AWAY from our hotel.. Well, let me rephrase it. It wasn't so much a group decision as it was Rob's. SIGH. Long story short, he left me-I was mad-I got to the hotel first-slapped him when he got there-chaos ensued-yelling, crying, screaming-then forgiveness. OR SO I THOUGHT. After we got back home, it blew up again and am now no longer on speaking terms with anyone except Ada. Which is sad. Because I do miss them and care about them. I already admitted my faults and wrongs, and yet they can't...>> SIGH. I couldn't keep taking the hostility and verbal abuse. So, defriended and became kinda sorta depressed. >>

But, that's besides the point. Vegas was awesome. It is 24/7, non-stop. Saw Cirque de Soleil : LOVE. AMAZINGSHOW. Probably one of the most amazing things to witness. EVOwasINTENSE. Seriously, I was inspired to take up the fighting game world and work to go to it next year. Though, I may put that on hold. Other things are more important. The heat wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be either. It was much better than here.

Thirdly: I have been seeing someone for a little over a month now. NOW NOW. He's not a boyfriend, but a friend. We met at a house party back in late June/early July. Started hanging out more and... yeah. His name is Chris. (I KNOW! ><) But I call him Ginger, because he has red hair. ^^;

What all can I say about him? There's so much and yet not enough. I hit it off with him immediately and we both like one another and have told each other this. One little problem... He leaves for Korea next month. (AGAIN, I KNOW) Okay, big problem. He's in the military and will be stationed there for two years. We both talked about it and said that it's not the best idea to start a relationship, the chances of it failing are a lot higher than most. And I'm okay with that.

So, you would think knowing all of this I would step away and not get to know him more or anything. Especially with what happened with Cali Chris, but... I don't know. There is something about Ginger and I didn't want this moment to pass me by. I didn't want to regret anything. With that, I've explained that all I want is to spend time with him as much as possible before he goes. Not to change his mind about wanting more with me, but because I know if I held back again, I'd be a complete wreck. Maybe it's hormones or something. That COULD be it. Though, I've shut down guys before this. I just... I trust him. Which freaks me out. I feel comfortable with him yet anxious. And you know what? Even if we just stay friends, how we are, I really think I'd be okay with it. I mean, yeah it sucks that we can't pursue anything more than what we have because of where we are at in our lives, but it is what it is.

I'm beginning to learn and understand that two people could meet and be so right for one another, and it not be the right time. I've met two people like that in my life. Coincidentally enough, both of them are named Chris. The differences are that the situations and life changes they are going through. Cali having to move back home, cross-country, to help with his dying mother. Taking care of his father now in the aftermath of her death and finding out he too has cancer now. Ginger, in the military, contract, being stationed in another country, Korea.

Then again, who really knows?

Perhaps, I'm just too emotionally challenged/damaged to see the real picture.

But, I'm pretty happy. Even though he's leaving, I've had an amazing time with him and hope to have a long lasting friendship with him.

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