Monday, June 27, 2011

This blog is going to be jumpy, just to warn you guys. Whatever pops up first, I'm gonna go with it. Maybe come back to it. Then get on another subject, then back on to the other. You get the point. Hopefully. Maybe. Maybe not.

Right now, I'm at working and feeling like shit but....

In 30 days exactly, I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada.
That's the only thing that is keeping me positive right now.

Why do I feel like crap? Let's see fever, sore throat, can't swallow hardly anything, freezing, and headaches since Thursday. Been working a lot as well, don't wanna call out. Need the money for Vegas. JUST went to the doctors last week too, and don't wanna pay another co-pay. Right now, I want my throat to stop hurting and allow me to swallow without wanting to scream. Next, is my bed. I just wanna be curled up on it, under copious amounts of blankets and try to sleep out this sickness.

My former theater professor keeps bugging me about money from our carwash that our Theater Organization had. I don't have it. Told her multiple times. I don't have it. Still everyday, for the past two weeks, I've had at least, AT LEAST, 4 calls, 2 texts, and two voicemails. I DO NOT HAVE IT, STOP CALLING ME. How many times do you have to tell someone something before they get in their heads? The money is safe and secure. We do not need to deposit it RIGHT AWAY. We need to actually go as a group to learn exactly the process and what to do, so that I  won't have to worry about doing it anymore because I was supposed to be done with this organization in January, because I'm no longer enrolled. I graduated. Ugh.

A lot of my friends for one reason or another have left Columbia, SC over the past months and soon. My Yoda Noda, left to Greenville, SC just this past week. He has more acting opportunities and family there. My bestie Jazzy and Mike (her boyfriend and my friend) are moving  to West Virginia in September.. My other buddy Mike or I like to call him by his last name so I don't get him mixed up, Rossi, moved up to Jersey in January for job and family. Others are thinking about moving and it's kinda... sad.

I want to move, yet I want to keep my job and my family. There's nothing wrong with Columbia. I've lived here most of my life so far. The weather is great, I'm used to it constantly changing and it not being too cold or anything. We have all the seasons it seems. Equal amount of sunshine and rainfall. It's nice. I just want to be close to ALL of my friends and family. Meh. I want to go and stay. Maybe I'm just ready for a vacation.

July can't come fast enough. I want it to be here now. I want to be boarding my plane and flying to sin city. I want to see my friends Ada, Kalia, and Rob. I really want that, right now. The thought makes me happy, because I know I'll get to see them soon. I'm just stressed I guess.