Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's mayyyy and we survived the rapture of 2011!

It is May 22nd, 2011.
Which means we survived "the rapture" according to one many with many followers. It was supposed to happen yesterday. Obviously not, I'm still here and am writing on this blog.

It's pretty much summer in the Carolina's right now. I even went to the beach last week and go sunburned baaaaaad. It was definitely nice though. The water was nice and warm and yet cool. Perfect weather, just perfect baking weather for my skin too! I'm in the course of peeling and itching. Bah!

Finished a production in April for theater, it was a cabaret style thing. Lot's of music, skits, and interactive with the audience. I had lots of fun, needless to say. Though at the current time I'm taking a step back from theater until at least after summer. Why? VEGAS.

That's right kiddos, I'm going to Vegas in just two short months. It'll be an experience I bet, plus I get to see a lot of my gaming buddies. This makes me ecstatic!

In case you guys are wondering. I'm still single and celibate. Have been for over a year now. A lot of people thought I couldn't do it. (Either things.) But I have and will continue to do so until I change my mind.

People ask me about Chris or Cali as I have nicknamed him. I haven't received much news except that his mother passed on the third of April. When I got word from him, I was at work on a Sunday morning and left work temporarily to head to the airport to book a last minute flight. Though, he told me not to come, for various reasons. Despite my judgement, I stayed. Since then, contact has been almost completely null. As far as I know, he's okay and still getting stuff straight with her estate and helping his father.

Alaska is engaged to an old flame from college. I'm happy for them. :D A little upset that he tried to "talk" to me. But I yelled at him and now it's all better. We're still friends.

I have had a few guys ask me out on dates, all have been turned down. I'm just not wanting anything right now.

Work is work. I love my job, but sometimes there are days where I just want to strangle everyone in the fucking place. Excuse my language.

I wish I had more to write these days. I feel my creativity leaving me. I'm still writing my plays, I've come to writer's block. I think I'll be asking a few friends for help and ideas. Because I'm getting no where fast.