Thursday, March 25, 2010

lunch, car wreck and two hours later.

So, Tuesday after I got off work and head to class, things were okay. I was skeptical about theater class, but Literature picked up my spirits. Afterward, a few of my friends wanted to go to this Italian eatery, Very's. It was amazing, really I wanted to just live there because the food is so yummy. Eventually I got finished and said my goodbyes and went to go home because I was tired.

As soon as I got into the median, looked over my shoulder to merge into the right lane, some douchebag swerves and hits me. Immediately, I put my car in park (since I already had the brakes on), called my mom, took pictures of the car. This is the result:

I was merging and the jackass swerved into me on my drivers side!
My poor baby...

Now, the EMS and firetruck got there within ten minutes. The cops? Didn't show till two hours later, yeah, you read it. TWO HOURS.

And to add insult to injurt the bastard that hit me said I "pulled out in front of him." Which is a damn lie. I WAS ALREADY IN THE MEDIAN.

Said douchebag, came to my car and told my mother and myself, "He's going to write you a ticket and ask you to show for court, and I'm not gonna go. Just go and get it lowered."

The cop wrote me a ticket for failing to yield the right of way, and I asked him why. He says, "I highly doubt that he would swerve into you and hit you." BULL SHIT. If you focus on something in the road, you tend to drive towards it. That's why when you're driving some teachers tell you to focus on the middle of the road, so that way you don't drift.

Thousands of tears later, I told the policeman that the guy said he wasn't even going to show. And by doing and saying that, it admits guilt. I even explained physics and geometry to the man, to no avail.

My step father looked at the pictures, and said we were taking it to court and getting it dropped because if I was in the median already at a STOP, then it's not my fault. Unless I had been hit on the passenger side because I was merging, which didn't happen. 

Really, it was a bad day. I was so shocked and nervous. Went into work later that night and was very sore. Still am, had a splitting headache all day because when the guy hit me, my face hit the steering wheel. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased.

My boyfriend came by earlier this morning when I decided I wasn't going to my computer class, and let me sleep on him for about half an hour, before he tucked me into bed. :D I didn't really remember it when I woke up, which isn't that good. I have a doctors appointment set up for next week, so hopefully, I don't really have any damage - that it's just nerves. 

Anywho, mark your calendars people because come April 27th, I'll be going to court.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

duck plunge!

So, I saw this picture on flickr, and went crazy.

I don't know why, but I've become a fan of ducks the past few years now, and believe this picture is neat. :D

yesterday was going to be so productive.

I should say today, but since my sleep schedule and days are completely different from others, I think I'll go by what you normal people do.

So, let's seeeeee. I worked last night like every night and then headed straight to my computer class. It was fun. Got to code stuff and hang out with my friend RicanNoSpanish. (He's Puerto Rican and yet doesn't understand or speak a lick of Spanish!) Still, we had fun, a little problems occurred with the servers, but there wasn't anything we could do manually.

Afterward, we went up to our Student Center and I saw some people from my theater class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays(TTH). I asked how they were liking the class and if they thought any of it was... unfair. They replied no. Much to my dismay.

I don't recall if I've written much about theater, but.. I love theater, I absolutely do. But since taking this class and club for almost five years now, I have hardly anything good to say about it. It really depresses me and makes me feel blah. Why? Well, let's see... The spring semester is when people can write plays that can be performed for the fall semester. I've yet to had any of my plays go up, yet other people who have written 1-4 plays, are being put up AGAIN. They decided the third week of class who's plays were going up even though other people hadn't finished or still hadn't a clear idea for their work. I find this completely biased and unfair. Yet no one speaks up except me. The only one who has a clear problem is me. Because no one else seems to care because a)they are just wanting an easy grade or b) their play is going up. Don't get me wrong, the plays are somewhat good that are picked, but they didn't even wait till after Midterms to choose. It wasn't a class decision. And EVERYONE likes the play I have written this semester and thinks it should be a full play. You're probably wondering why not have it go up the next year? Problem is that the teacher/director is making it so that you HAVE to attend both classes. ANd since I decided that I wasn't going to take it anymore and go for Dental Hygiene, I wouldn't be able to. I'd just be taken advantage of, ALL over again. And don't think i haven't said anything. I have. I have always been the one to stand up and speak my mind, but I can only go so far, because I don't like to be mean, and I don't want to get kicked out of school. I'm not a mean person, by any means. :( It's just all very defeating. I mean, why should I even try and complete my work? It's not like it'll be able to be produced because I won't be there. :\ I mean, I'll continue to work on it, but not for the class, no point. It's just discouraging.

But one thing that made me happy today was I got sleep and an e-mail from my swap partner! :D

I was like, "AWE!" It definitely made my night at work better. Funny, my boyfriend texted me around the same time I opened the e-mail and he said he loved me. Which makes me even more, :DDDDD.

I hope I can stay like this, but I know when I get off work in the next six hours, I'll be heading to Theater which will just tear me down. Only good thing, is that my Literature class is right after that and we're watching, The Rievers. :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

sprinnnnng into action.

This weekend marked the beginning of Spring!

Hurrah! I felt the nice weather too on Friday and Saturday. Not so much today, errr Sunday. It was all icky and rainy. Then again, April is right around the corner.

It was a fairly nice weekend though. I had gone out with a friend of mine to a local karaoke place on Friday night. Ran into some people that I didn't particularly get along with, but I was civil. Headed out to the studio to listen to the boyfriend's band play, before we headed back to his house to cuddle. :D

Saturday, we went to the flea market and out to lunch. It was nice, we got to ride around which we never do. It's been a long time since we've both had a Saturday off, together. We looked around for rugs, because we'll be moving into the house soon.

Oh yeah! I don't think I told you guys. I'm moving in with Muse, sometime in April. It all depends on how the re-wiring and the floors. We have to put new floors in the kitchen and main bathroom because the water main broke. :( Still, we're getting a good deal on rent. Muse and I picked out paint colors for the wall too! It's mainly creme/white and black. Very mod. One room, which will be mine, is blue and will be sort of like an ocean theme. Another room is Muse's room, which will be his music center, and it's red. The bathrooms I think are white and one yellow. But that's mainly the tile.

Earlier this week, Muse, his cousin and myself - PAINTED CEILINGS! It was fun. I only did one room, but that's because I was sleep deprived from work and school.

Speaking of school, I think I've finally made a decision. After getting my bachelors this year, I'll be going back and enrolling into dental hygiene. I've researched enough and I really think it's what I want to do, instead of teaching. I'm setting up a meeting with a supervisor and we'll see what all I have to do. It is a two year program, so alas, I'm not getting away from school that easily!

Oooh, back on to what I did this weekend. We're now on Sunday! So I woke up and decided I wanted to go have lunch with the girls. One of which is getting married and invited me out to the dress fitting, where she asked me to be a bridesmaid! Sooooo, I'll be a busy bee. She want's me to help out the Maid of Honor in planning since I'm better organized. :P Which is fine, I can just be a secretary like thing. Still, her colors are black, white and red. The bridesmaids are black, her dress is white and red. Pretty, pretty, pretty! The only thing is, is I was considering the same colors for my wedding if I ever got married. Just because Muse's favorite color is red and we were thinking of doing an old Hollywood theme. Anywho!

I also received an e-mail on my Swap partner too! I'll be checking them out soon, so I can go shop for some goodies. :D

Till later, I'm gonna actually try and do some work. Jaa!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Swap! :D

pen pals? heck yeah!

seriously though, i saw this on angel's page so i'm doing it. it'll be fun! everyone join in, else you fail...

Spring Swap. :D