Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I really hate working for this company.

The only saving grace is that I have my friend Angel who works with me.

Sunday night, I had to call out. Was running a fever, lost my voice.. Needless to say my manager was upset and made Angel work till 4 am. She had been there since 7am prior. I was MAD.

Still, I went to the doctor Monday morning. I have the flu along with sinusitis and bronchitis. FUN. My OBGYN, appointment was later in the day and I found out that I have dysplasia on my cervix. Basically, abnormal mutation growths. They gave me medicine to help clear it up and I have to have a pap-smear every 2 months. (Can't let it get out of control.)

Well, earlier tonight I was at home and went into my bathroom. One minute I'm fine the next I wake up on the tiled floor, calling for my mom. It hurt to move, to breathe. It was so utterly hot too.

I got up an hour later and had a fever. So I called Angel and asked if she could come to my house, drive my car to work and I pay for a room for her. Because I didn't want to be at the hotel by myself in case I blacked out again. And she said yes. THANK GOD.

This illness isn't fun. It reminds me of... the swine flu I had back in November..

I really just wanna be in mah bed.

I'm not going to my class tomorrow, because I can't. I'll be getting a zero on my test, but I don't think they want me infecting people.

Which makes me realize I haven't done my essay for english. a;skdfja;skfdj

I can't concentrate at all on it either. So I'm ducked.

yay. not.

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  1. I remember the Swine flu thing! It was a yucky feeling for sure. and you know I will go to work with you anytime you need it, or cover for you anytime you need it! I Loves you!