Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cough, fever, cramps, bleeding, oh my~!


I'm coughing, trying not to. Throat hurts. Slight fever. Cramping and bleeding. I had my period a week and a half ago, and I should not be bleeding! Especially not this heavy. It's really worrying me. Especially since my papsmear came back last year with abnormalties. Hopefully the doctor will squeeze me in today, because honestly, I'm in pain and can't afford to miss school or work.

Picked out paint colors yesterday with Muse. We should be moving in at the beginning of March it looks like. Depending on how long it's going to take to put new floors in the kitchen and bathroom.

I would elaborate more, but I feel I may just become bitchy and begin a rant. So, I'll say adieu.


  1. Feel better and Call me!!! I am also curious as to the colors you guys chose!

  2. Ugh. Not feeling better at all. In fact my head is now having a migraine. -_-

    As for the colors, we are doing this bamboo like green in the living room. Blue for one room, Red for another. And white and black for another. (Kind of mod.) The bathrooms will be greenish teal with creme.