Friday, February 12, 2010

another hair color. and i want my flippy flops!

Yeah. I dyed my hair again! I think I will forever be changing the colors. Right now it looks like.... Orange, orange, blonde, auburn... Yeah. Bright colors. I want spring here, quick!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Winter, and the cold... BUT. I'm missing my flip flops. Seriously, I really just want to wake up and just slide me feet into those suckers, without having to put socks and... tennis shoes on. -shudder- I honestly can't stand sneakers anymore, too constricting. I really should invest in some boots, considering I don't have any... The last pair I had I wore down to the point I was getting blisters and stuff on my feet. Had 'em for about.... seven years.

My feet don't grow anymore. :P

School has been okay so far this semester. I keep moving from this Math class and I feel I'll never make it. Really, I ended up dropping the thing because I just didn't understand it. So I went back to theater. WHICH!... afkjals;dfj We are allowed to make a theater club at the college!

Ain't that exciting?

I think it's fabulous, I've been bugging people about it for almost four years now. The only thing is, is our sponsor, who is my teacher and theater director, nominated officers. Now, I do ALOT for theater and this woman. I'm always organized, I get people to come. I do everything almost. And you know what? She didn't even nominate me for President of the Club. aksldfj;aslkdjf I'm so upset. It's really heartbreaking. Not even VP either. No, she nominated me for Treasury/PR. Granted, I like being the spokesperson and what not, getting our names and plays out there. But... really? I deserved that position the most. If we had done it by experience, faithfulness, and who had been there the longest, I would have gotten it no question. But no, she gives the President job to a friend of mine who is good, but is not even enrolled in the school! (She said she would pay for him to come back to school. Not fair, pay for my shit too!) He's got great talent with music and writing and all, but he is late, shy, and just not organized. The VP position was given to another friend of mine, and while I'm kinda iffy on it, I think she would be good for that position. But she too hasn't been there as long as I have been and neither is she on time. -SIGH-

Maybe I'm just blowing this out of the water in my head. I mean the only person I talked to about this was Muse, and he said that I should have said something. But, what could I say? I'm hardly available during the days because as soon as I get out of class, I'm at home sleeping so I can go into work.

Speaking of work.

This girl that Angel and I work with got fired today. FINALLY. MUHAHAHAHA.

In all seriousness, I was getting tired of her. She was making it very difficult for people here. In fact she was the main reason we have to have a dress code and not be able to sit down behind the desk or wear jackets when it gets cold. Not to mention, she screwed up ALOT and never tried to learn her mistakes. She was very rude and the past two months... Always late.

I mean, don't get me wrong, i feel bad she was fired. But she brought it on herself and I have to look out for me. The only person I would cover for, would be Angel. But that goes without saying.

Gah. I have another hour and ten minutes left before I'm officially allowed to leave this place called work. I'm ready to get into my pajamas and hop into bed and bundle up underneath covers. BUT. I have to wait until Muse comes over because before he goes to start working on our house.. Haha, our.. ANYWAY. Before he goes to do that, he was going to drop off my Valentines gifts. Since we won't see each other on Sunday. Which sucks, but at least we are celebrating it. (Even though I think it's a hallmark holiday.)

I have this urge to make chocolate. I think it would be nice, and fitting. But... I think I would catch the house on fire somehow!

Oh wells!

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