Monday, October 19, 2009

sunday night - minday morning, brr.

Well my lovelies, this weekend has been eventful. NOT. (Save for the conert. :D)

Let's start this blog out with HAPPINESS. Ne?

Sooooo, went to the fair Friday night with Tendou, Cancer, and Tohru. It was fun! Met up with Rocker, Emo, and others as well. All and all it was a good time. I felt awkward towards the end because I know how Cancer feels towards me, considering we dated for two years and now we are friends. (Atleast we are trying to be.) The next morning, I get into a conversation with Cancer and am being basically blamed for things. Uh, I told you from the beginning I'm not ready for a relationship and didn't want you to think I would ever consider getting back with you. You know, if it didn't work out the first time around, what makes you think it'll work out again? Because you've changed? Uh, no. That stuff takes longer to change than a year. You know what stuff I'm talking about, the anger, the control, the feeling of being absolutely nothing.

ANYWAY. After that, I think he got the picture that I just want to be friends, JudgementalMuch and Tohru came over. Now. This is where I get kinda upset. I told the girls to come over around 4, Tohru was awesome and came over at 4:30 (she knows I like my sleep), where as JudgementalMuch came over EARLY. Thirty minutes to be precise. I was very grumpy. She told me she didn't even have her ticket and she hoped they weren't sold out.... Uhm, yeah. WHAT?! Ugh, I swear, people who don't order in advance and make plans - then whine. (IDIOTS) Anyway, we headed towards the fair for the DAVID COOK CONCERT. :D Happy day. It was drizzling, freezing, and all around yucky. But I WASHAPPY. Until JudgementalMuch actually got a ticket that was better than mine and Tohru's. Uh, can we say that's not fair? I mean I ordered mine in advanced and yet she can go the day of and get a better ticket? Yeah, not liking the whole ticket thing very much at this point. We were separated and Tohru and I had a fun time. We sang, danced, took pictures (which will be coming as soon as I upload them on this computer) and overall had a blast. Afterwards, I got a hoodie, scarf annnnnd a picture of David Cook. I was a happy girl. Almost felt like a teeny bopper for a moment.

As I was heading home, I was making plans to go play poker with Vegas and Ms.Jackson. When I got home though, I showed off the stuff to my mother and fell asleep on the couch. Waking up at like 4 am, I called Vegas and we got into an argument because he said I stood him up. (Uh, we're not dating man.) It was cleared up thankfully, and we're going to be playing poker later tonight/tomorrow.

I pretty much slept the entire day of Sunday before work. It was bliss. I wish I could sleep more, it's really nice yet incredibly sad. I wish that my real life was better than my dreams so I could stay awake. Maybe it's just from the surgery or something. Whatever it is, I wish I could sleep now, but worrrrrrrrk is saying that's not a good idea.

Speaking of work, can I say that the owner is freaking crazy? I've yet to meet him and everything he does just screams CRAZY. I feel bad for the managers of the hotels he owns, because I know they must have a headache from dealing with him. I mean, I do and I don't really WORK with him. Oh wells, atleast Angel is here and we can talk of the stupidity of this place and be content in knowing we are the best here. Hahaha.

So, I'm sorta worried about Alaska. Yeah, I sent his present last Thursday and was told he should get it Saturday. I haven't heard from the boy since Thursday. He's probably just busy. I mean, hell, I would be too if I was working 13 hour shifts and getting ready to go to Japan and the like. Still, I hope he txts or calls soon. I'd like to know how he liked his gifts. :D

Work right now is pretty quiet. Like, if there were crickets here, the would so be chirping. Did I mention that it is freezing? Well, I can't say FREEZING, because it's not. But it's pretty chilly. I'm bundled up in my DC Hoodie. :D Muhahaha. I would turn on my music, but the last time I did that a guest scared me half to death by poking me out of my techno trance. (Not real fun there.) Still, I may watch Sweeney Todd. It is after all 1 am and I have six more hours till I have to leave.

Perhaps I will write more in the next few hours. But until then, adieu!


  1. What is up with you and Angel's boss? He seems out of his mind. Awe...I hope you two work out this time.

  2. Angel's boss is my boss too. I have yet to meet him and think he's incompetent obviously.

    As for Alaska, I hope so as well. He just txt me and said he hasn't gotten his present. :\