Friday, October 16, 2009

paper, scribble, ink, out.

While this is not my first blog, it is the first time I've used this site.

It's unusual to say the least, and I thought I had gotten away from writing my own thoughts and showing the internet world my life's story(or lack there of). Though, this proves that I'm a sucker for the 'norm' and will eventually be lead into cultural standards and misconceptions.

So, why am I writing still, even though it seems I may not want to talk about things pertaining not so much me, but anything? Let's see, perhaps it was a friend of mine(who is awesome) that persuaded me to start this. I thought, why not? It would help me keep in touch with her and the outside world, to a degree. Not to mention, it is a good stress reliever. Why? Uh, duh! I can let out all my ANGER. All my feelings and not feel bad or get reprimanded. <- That part makes me a little too giddy.

I wonder if most things are started out in anger. You know, to control it or to express it without penalty, or just so the person won't go off on to a real person instead of yelling (typing madly) into the keyboard. But I know sometimes, there are people who are considered normal and write these blogs. The only thing I can find consistant is that the people are lonely. I mean, if you look at it - we are just people reaching out, wanting someone out there to understand and not to judge. To just be heard.

That's hopeful thinking, which is RARE for myself. Especially in this time of my life, I am a very pessimistic person. The reasons behind that way of thinking are many. Perhaps over time I will be able to open up to this, thing.

Until that time, it's been a pleasure.


  1. NOBODY is normal, hun. And hey! I helped convince you to get on here, too! *whines* But anyway, hang in there. Lots of love!

  2. YOU DID!


    as for normal, i understand that there is usually not such a thing, it's all in our heads.

  3. We aren't normal at all! I am glad that we are all going to stay connected even when I move! So we are awesome huh? lol you are too!
    Loves you much!