Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm at work half awake and half in pain.

My right arm and hand hurts like I don't know what. But I'm pretty much on the verge of tears. It's to the point where I want to call my manager and ask her to come in. Because it's too much. I think it is from the shots last week and what not- but you never know.


In order to not be comsumed by the pain and not to fall asleep, (not like I can anyway.) I've decided to try and give an explanation on to what's going on as far as school is concerned.

Well, I have this kid in my theater class is a total diva. So, Divo likes to stop practice and interject things and wants to try and control every single aspect of everything.It's pretty aggravating. Not to mention he is trying to steal parts.

Now if I didn't like him with that, just think about if this "diva" would come over to you and tell you that he understands because he identifies himself as a woman more than a mind. And you all know me that - THATpisses me off. Assumptions, liars and all that shit.

Still there could be more but I think it'll just make me angrier -_-

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