Friday, October 16, 2009

morning, morning, sleeep.

I'm at work.

Did I mention I work at a hotel with Angel? Yeah. She was awesome to get me this job. It's pretty laid back here. Mainly because it doesn't get THAT busy. Save for military graduations and the such. Expect to see alot of random posts while I'm at work. Why? Because I don't wanna fall asleep on the job, unless I had a cot... hmm, where is that thing?!

So it's almost time for me to leave. Less than an hour left, but these people here are driving me insane. Ever ten minutes the phone rings, hangs up, calls back, hangs up. Is the person on the other line verbally challenged? I meand, seriously. Not to mention, people are complaining about the bugs and what not. YEAH. We have a major bug problem. But the owner is a wanker and won't fork out some money to keep the place NICE.

Still, it's okay. I wouldn't stay here nor would I allow my family to stay here. But if you're just trying to stay somewhere cheap and what not we do have good breakfast. (Which I make myself five days a week here. Unless I'm off.) Muhahaha.

A few hours ago., there was yelling coming from upstairs in one of the rooms. It sounded like someone was fighting. I instantly called the room and they were like, "No, nothing is going on. Don't hear anything." I wanted to yell. Two hours later, four women in scantly clad clothing came off the elevator. Yeeeeeeeeeeah.

I don't think I've seen this many prostitutes in my life. It's really sad, because I can't imagine how someone would sell their bodies. People are always hiring, not so much now, but you get the point.

ANYWAY. Since this stupid thing just deleted half of my post. I'm just gonna cry.

Basically, I wrote about how this was a laid back job - except last week and this week because manager quit and people don't know how to do their jobs. Angel is the only one I see do work here, well of course DaddyMarijuana too. I spoke of a guest that stayed last weekend who was really cute but had some serious stuff wrong with him. He thought it was best to tell his life's story to me at 3am while I was trying to watch Shugo Chara. Yeaaaaaah, I pretty much wanted to stab him.

I'm awaiting to hear back from my friend Alaska. I sent him a package earlier today. (or would it be yesterday now?) Still! His birthday is next week and he'll be heading to Japan for a month and a half before coming home for a month. I am very excited. I hope he enjoys his presents. I got him A book about where to go in Japan -came with a map-, a book about the culture and how to not piss them off, as well as the first volume of Vampire Hunter D. (I threw in a book mark and birthday coupons!) :D

Hopefully he'll get them on Saturday and what not. I can't wait to hear what he says, I'm sure he will be shocked.

The fair is back in town and I'll be going later today. Yay! I'll also be going back tomorrow for the David Cook concert aswell. HECK YEAH. If you don't know who David Cook is you can die, you're missing out. He won American Idol last year and was the first rocker to have won. So, I'm proud of him. Plus he's amazingly yummy.

Still, I hope to enjoy the fair this year. It's something that has always been special to me. Maybe I can upload pictures of the fun later, and entice you all to get elephant ears, cotton candy, and corndogs! Mmmm.

Now I'm hungry!

Well, more to come later lovelies. I need to pack up and head out of here in a few. Till next time,


  1. Lol you gotta love our job! If you look back through my blog I have millions (slight exaggeration) of posts from work and most are from Audit shift, my favorite was the naked guy.

  2. Have fun at the concert! And no fair... I didn't see any prostitutes when I was hanging out with Jacquie at the hotel! I'm going to have to come hang out with you while you're working on the weekend. lol