Tuesday, October 27, 2009

about to drop!

Oh my dear blog world! How I have missed you so. Especially since my internet connection of lack there of was excruciating slow in bottom of the US. I swear, I believe technology hates me! Stilllll, much has happened and you get to be filled with allllllllll of what's going on.

Let's begin where I left off.

Hmm, oh yes. I was able to go to the doctors and get my hair done. Yuuup! I got my letter from the doctor as well, so yipee! I don't have to lose the entire amount. Which is good, because I was extremely worried about it. -tries to think about almost a week ago- I'm lacking in the sleep department so bare with me. Oh! Thursday was interesting. Well, I'll just say that I lost my glasses at a gas station and had to drive two hours back home to get another pair and drive for another two hours to take care of the bestest -Neko. It was really upsetting. Not to mention drama had started at school to which will be an entirely different blog about.

I got to the bestest's and crashed, before hanging out with her the next day till I had to leave for my Dad's. Yeah, my Dad is married, again. The wedding was nice, I mean hell I was in it AND I sang. So I think it wasn't too bad. I would have done things differently of course. It was a simple hick-wedding. I now have 3 new sisters, 14 nieces and nephews - AND one sister makes and sells sex toys for a living. Yeah, IMAGINE how the reception went! I don't know if I'll be able to look at those toys ever again. -shudder-

Saw Poker the other night and Cancer earlier tonight. Went to see the movie Paranormal Activity. WHICHFREAKEDMETHEFUCKOUT. I cried. Literally, like tears people. It was the mind fuck of the century. I'm gonna stop talking about it, because it makes me think about it and it was... asfija;sfkjaslfjas;lkfja;sfja;sfja;s. Oh, and if I haven't illustrated that it was scary then: askldfj;asdfajskdfh;asdfj;askfja;slkfj;asdlfsldjf;kajf;asjf;asfj;askjfal;ksda;jfasjf;asdkjf;sfjaslfsa;fdj;asjfa;sfjasjdfsjfsjf;asjdf;asdjfas;dfj;asdjfa;sfjas;lfjalsjfa;sjf;asfjasdfja;lsfja;sfdj;asfjas;jfalsjfalsjflsjfa;slfjslkfjslkfjsadjf;asjdf;asjdfa;sdfj;asfjasldfjalsfja;djfaslfa;sfjsljflasdjfalsjfsljfalsfja;dfja;sfdjasldjfa;fdj;asjfa;sdjfa;sfja;sdfj;afdjdfja;dsjfa;sdfja;fja;sfja;jfa;jfa;dfja;ksfdja;djf;ajdfajfa;sdfasdfljk;aslfkdjas;dfjasdf;lkjasdf;ljkaesdfokljedfsokljafdsjfadsj;klefdasiokjjfeokasjldvd;aeljfkds;alfa;fj;sdjf;asfdj

Okay. :D

Now I'm at work. Bored. Can't sleep, even though I could have but am too freaked out. I really don't wanna go to school tomorrow. I REALLY don't want to go to Theater because I'm sure I'm gonna go off on the red-headed divo in class. I'm sorta meh.

More later, I'm too ADD to focus on writing now.

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  1. Um... what's with the hair and the doctor thing? Is everything okay, hun?